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At Paradise Pools and Gardens, we have a passion for creating beautiful things with water!  Locally, this passion is revealed in the beautiful custom swimming pools and water features we design and build for our clients.  Globally, this passion translates into our partnering with World Vision, the largest non-governmental provider of water in the developing world, to bring clean water to places around the globe where it is most desperately needed.

Although most of us cannot imagine life without clean water, access to it is a daily struggle for 844 million people worldwide.  More than 800 children under 5 die every day due to contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene.  Women and children bear the burden, walking on average 6k every day for dirty, disease-infected, “fresh” water. The journey is dangerous, exhausting, and unhealthy. It keeps children from attending school and mothers from working. All of this is preventable.

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World Vision reaches one new person with clean water every 10 seconds, which is why we have chosen to partner with them.  The Rwandan government, working closely with World Vision, is striving to make clean water accessible to all Rwandans by 2024. It would be the first developing nation in the world to solve its water crisis.

After every pool project, we donate to World Vision. Help us provide clean water to an entire village in 2019. It takes only $25,000 to build a well for one community. There are over 2000 communities and 1 million Rwandans still in need. Help us in 2019 with a gift of $1000 or $5000, or better yet, give $25,000 and provide clean water to a second community.

What a stunning achievement it would be to help Rwanda solve its water crisis!

Join us!  The water in your own backyard is beautiful and healing. . . let that beauty also heal children and families in dire need elsewhere in the world!

Learn more or donate online: 

 Questions? Contact our World Vision representative, John Hopkins at

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Paradise Goes to Rwanda

In July 2019, Paradise had the opportunity to go to Rwanda to see firsthand the reality of what it is like to live in a community that does not have access to clean water in contrast with one that does.  The first village we visited was still waiting to have clean water brought to them.  The second village was visibly transformed, having had clean water made accessible to them for the past four years through the joint working together of World Vision and the Rwandan government.

It was so impactful and rewarding to see the quality and sustainability of the work that World Vision is doing with their water projects in Rwanda.  In the community with access to clean water, a panel of volunteers selected by the community had been put in place to oversee the maintenance of equipment and distribution of the water.  In this way the village is taking ownership of this valuable resource and committing to protecting it so that it can continue to provide clean water to the community for years to come. 


Paradise Pools and Gardens is proud to support World Vision in this transformative work, and we invite our clients to join us. Please click HERE to donate and be part of bringing clean water to Rwanda!

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